Enterprise Creation

The Nile Valley system is founded on practical education. Turning ideas and dreams into physical objects for improving the quality of life is the hallmark of this network. We provide a forum for sharing and discussing business opportunities and the cross fertilisation of creative ideas. We provide personal mentors to take you through your journey, and access to large-scale networking events, and resources to help you build your unique blue prints.

NVM is the place for dreamers. If you can dream it and follow the disciplines, we have the structures to offer the keys to the doors of abundance, financial independence and ultimate possession of all your innate powers.

We entertain original and earth shattering designs and concepts that advances the human walk. All great and well formulated business ideas are tested through the business plan and proposal competition, and the entrepreneurship and innovations training programmes. We are always looking for bright ideas to groom.

What we expect and what you gain from us

We are interested in earth shattering ideas and entrepreneurs who are willing to shake up the status quo.

Our mission is to make the seemingly impossible, possible. Once it can be dreamed, it can be created.

What we offer;

***A 12 month curriculum focused on personal development and new venture creation.

*** Seed funding after successfully completing your sound business plan.

*** Bespoke Coaching and Mentorship from a curated list of experts in our entrepreneurial focused working space.

*** Access to Nile Valley Multiversity resources (facilities, materials, subject matter experts).

*** Connections to our circle of investors and fundraising assistance.

Application process

Fill the Enterprise Creation application form. Take time to prepare your application and enter your personal information accurately.
The following documents should accompany your application.

- Curriculum Vitae (CV): submit a very good and well organised CV

- Statement of Intent and Purpose:submit a one page summary of your motivations for joining the business mentorship programme.

- Certificate of a good bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification

- Innovative idea: come up with an innovative idea that addresses a specific problem in society. State this idea clearly and show how it will lead to a successful solution to a current problem.

- Leadership style: Take the short leadership styles quiz to get a rough idea about the type of leader that you are https://predictablesuccess.com/styles-quiz/. You will be asked to enter you email address to obtain the result. After retrieving the results, summarise your personal leadership style in not more than one page as part of the submission process.

- 5 minute video: pitch on a creative business idea: Take a 5 minute video with and edit and upload as part of your application. Adding a video where you describe the problem, solution and why you want to start a business will definitely help us assess your application better.