Meta Engineering and Construction (MEC)

MEC is a new world company that provides sensible and sustainable solutions to the building and construction industry. MEC delivers affordable, livable shelter for all. The company and its affiliates offer general contracting, preconstruction planning and comprehensive project management services, including but not limited to the scheduling of manpower, equipment, materials and subcontractors, and engineering and architectural value chains.

Using modern and indigenous science, we deliver both products and services, consultancy and advisory services for improving the built environment, and with fresh perspectives for infrastructure and fixed capital formation.

This company is drives the craft and vocational and technical programmes of University of Ptah (UPTAH), and offers state of the art and alternative solutions in all the nuts and bolts of local and global construction industry covering investment and development (commercial and residential real estate, construction financing and operations), engineering (structural, design and installation) as well as survey, simulation, automation, energy and advanced manufacturing.

The company has bespoke expertise in electrical, mechanical, plumbing, security and protection services for the industrial, commercial, hospitality, transportation sectors. We pride ourselves in being able to design and build to client needs, and any structure that can be dreamed, can be built.

The ethos of MEC is founded on shelter and quality infrastructure for new economies that are self-sustaining. We utilise a variety of funding models that are outside the sphere of the moribund financial system and provide natural and durable homes and structures, backed by skilled execution, and sound empirical research. We design, build and maintain residential properties from high-end apartments in mixed-use developments and luxury houses for the private sector, to affordable and mixed tenure schemes.

This is a global social enterprise venture that is aimed at opening the built environment for shared creation and ownership.