Are you passionate about life? Do you see yourself running a successful business, solving problems, bringing real solutions to everyday challenges? Are you a dreamer, enthusiastic and willing to take risk? Do you have ground breaking ideas that you want to explore? If your response to any of these questions is yes, and you have the desire to meet teachers and mentors who would coach and guide you to your dream, this is the network for you.

We are looking for a crop of dedicated people who are passionate about life, and who will stop at nothing but work for the best and the good of society. We want to meet those who want to question things as they are, and reason out solutions. Those who are fired up for success and are ready to invest the time and effort to bring results. The formulas we teach never fail.

The Nile Valley Internship Program offers highly motivated individuals an opportunity to be exposed to the work of the multiversity. The internship allows highly motivated individuals to bring new perspectives, innovative ideas and research experience into the NVMs business and management education work, while improving skills in a diverse environment. This is a great way to step up your game with practical experience of meeting and co-creating with peak performaning people and share experiences with like minded souls. The internship prepares you for a full professional life, involving working across different departments such as human resources, finance and operations and getting insight into the day to day work of managing global brands.

Who should apply?

To be eligible for internship, candidates must have a desire to succeed in the world of business. Ability to work independently and able to entertain and synthesize diverse views to arrive at conclusions. You should possess strong analytical ability and good communication and inter-personal skills.

Diversity and inclusivity is our hallmark. We therefore encourage all qualified individuals, with diverse professional and academic backgrounds to apply. Our aim is to attract, train and mentor the best ethical business leaders in the world.

Application process

Fill the internship application form. Read carefully and do the exercise that accompany the application.
The following documents should accompany your application.

- Curriculum Vitae (CV): submit a very good and well organised CV.

- Statement of Intent and Purpose: submit a one page summary of your motivations for becoming an intern and what you seek to contribute to the network.

- Certificate of a good bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification.

- Leadership style: Take the short leadership styles quiz to get a rough idea about the type of leader that you are You will be asked to enter your email address to obtain the results. After retrieving the results, summarise your personal leadership style and upload it as part of the application.


All applications are stored in a database which is consulted by Mentors and Teachers. Please note that participants will not hear from us unless they are shortlisted by a Mentor or Teacher who is looking to hire an intern. Given the very competitive nature of the Internship and Mentorship Programme, we are unable to respond to all applicants.
We do not have a pre-identified number of positions for interns per season. For each season, hiring is solely based on business needs and space available.
We do want to serve as many as possible who want to roll and involve their highest potentials, we therefore encourage you to submit your application mindfully to improve your chances of getting selected.

Why should I apply?

Our interns gain an insider's view of the world of business and successful entrepreneurial projects. Interns build professional networks while developing research and analytical skills to help them explore questions of real importance. Whether you see a future for yourself in business or are simply curious about mastery and high performance living, this is an ideal opportunity to familiarize yourself with both while leveraging your cutting-edge skills and expanding your human experience. Usually, internship opportunities are for a minimum of six months.
All interns enjoy the services and benefits offered by Nile Valley Multiversity according to their needs and efforts.