Univerity of Nut(UNUT)

UNUT is the University of Ancient and Modern Arts and Sciences. There are two colleges: College of MetaScience and College of MetaArt. Each College has five Faculties, and each Faculty has 7 Schools, Units and Divisions.

The Great Mother, Nut (pronounced Newt) is the star covered nude arching woman over the Earth with her head in the West and feet in the East. As the Sky Goddess, she is also the celestial cow of the indigenous Africans of the Nile Valley and many other cultures.

Nut swallows the sun God, Ra at night and then gives birth to him every morning. Ra as the Sun by day becomes Djehuty (Thoth) at night. This cycle of day and night, and the numerous associated phenomena are studied in detail at UNUT. Goddess Nut offers her wisdom in all the Earth and Galactic Sciences to students and initiates to bring new inventions and great breakthroughs in all the key art and science disciplines in this and other dimensions and time streams.