Univerity of PTAH (UPTAH)

UPTAH UPTAH is the home of creative genius and inventors, the witches and wizards of all the trades and crafts. The College of the Masons and the College of the Crafts, as well as 12 Faculties dealing with aviation, agriculture, and related industries makes UPTAH the new revolution in science and technology education on the planet.

Ptah is the God of craftsmen and architects. The University of Ptah is the place of high level super luminous crafts. Ptah is the supreme creator, patron of the spoken and unspoken word. Ptah caused the world to be. He created himself by the power of his mouth. That which he authors comes into being.

We derive our foundation from the ancient African understanding of the primordial relationships among all the elements in creation. We take inspiration in giving to mankind the new science founded on balance and sacred neutrality by offering real time training and mentorship in all the vocational and technical subjects from masonry to sculpture to carpentry to plumbing to catering to weaving etc.