Porthologos Press

Porthologos PressPorthologos Press reconnects us to the high level achievements in the world of printing, publishing, communication and exchange of ideas via a variety of media. Porthologos Press is dedicated to further the Nile Valley Multiversity's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing both conventional and unconventional streams of knowledge. Porthologos Press circumvents traditional publishing traps and brings modern technology to the reach of the masses. We open the world of publishing to all who have creative ideas and talents to express. All bright, proven and tested ideas are worth publishing.

Porthologos Press publishes five top journals: African Review of Economics and Finance, Journal of African Political Economy and Development, Ghanaian Journal of Economics, Journal of Construction and Built Environment and the Journal of Indigenous and Shamanic Studies. In addition to the journal collections is a large section for monographs, reference works, books and instructional material.

The press facilitates discovery and publication of relevant research information using traditional and non-traditional means of communication; online and offline; on-world and off -world. We admit a variety of experiences in accordance with the human experiment, employing interdimensional knowledge and tools.

The press has global offices in all major continents, and its African headquarters is in Techiman, Bono East, Ghana. Over the years, Porthologos Press has published academic and non-academic content, and its journal collection is the fastest growing of any publishing house in the region.