The Nile Valley Multiversity (NVM) is a prestigious private multidimensional network of companies that provide simple, efficient, and practical education and solutions to the challenges of everyday life.

The NVM sits at the lush tropical rainforest of Ghana in the Bono East Region.

Each company within the multiversity fills a gap in a specific area of human endeavour by integrating modern and ancient methods. Positioned as a global leader, the Nile Valley Multiversity evolves ground breaking paradigms in education, health and culture; in agriculture, industry and services; in religion, politics and economy; in art, science and technology.

Vision and Mission

Dream it. We will help you create it. Explore. Play.

NVM continues to expand its vision of becoming a system that provides holistic education that leads to the total development of the human being. We empower self-driven individuals to dare to dream and provide the right tools, passwords, master keys to make your dream tactile.


To serve as the pacesetters in using sustainable systems to develop talent and businesses that honour the natural environment. Self-sustaining approaches and techniques such as using perpetual motion devices to produce energy and reduce the burden of waste on the environment; converting waste into usable products and as inputs in the production process; use of natural and organic materials in building and construction.