Entrepreneurship & venture creation

The Nile Valley system is founded on practical education. Turning ideas and dreams into physical objects for improving the quality of life is the hallmark of this organisation. We provide a forum for sharing and discussing business opportunities and the cross fertilisation of creative ideas. We provide personal mentors to take you through your journey, and access to large-scale networking events, and resources to help you build your organisation.

NVM is the place for dreamers. If you can dream it and follow the disciplines, we have the structures to offer the keys to the doors of abundance, financial independence and ultimate possession of all your innate powers.

We entertain original and earth shattering blueprints and concepts that advances the human walk. All great and well formulated business ideas are tested through the business plan and proposal competition, and the entrepreneurship and innovations training programmes. We are always looking for bright ideas to groom.

Application for 2021 Not Yet Opened