Kassnan Farms

Kassnan FarmsThis is agriculture based on ecological balance. Soil fertility, water and all processes and procedures involving plant and animal life is considered as an integrated whole. We acknowledge the role of the creepy-crawlers, the standing nations, the winged and finned ones and other creature beings as one large network of cosmic existence. The company utilises the unique knowledge in each of these systems to create balance in food production and animal husbandry.

Kassnan Farms is traditional in its philosophy to farming. Indigenous farming methods such as rotation farming, intercropping, composting and a recognition of the elemental forces that drive food production and the cycles of animal life are employed.

Kassnan Farms seeks to re-aforest the land with trees that provide sustainable food and nutrition, and bring harmony to the planet. We cultivate cash crops to power industry and export, and food and medicinal plants for nourishment and health.

The goal of Kassnan Farms is to feed the entire planet optimally with nutritious and healthy food, and provide joy and satisfaction through understanding the sympathetic forces that lie behind plant and animal life. This way we are able to bring food to the table for all, and utilize the earth's resources in a harmonious and respectful manner.

The coming of Kassnan Farms is the end of hunger through the application of modern technology to meet the needs of urban and rural areas.