Resonance and Alignment (R&A)

R&A is as an expression of wholeness. This approach to wellbeing recognizes the multi-layered nature of the human organism and its interaction and simultaneous co-existence with all life. It promotes the understanding of health beyond the physical expression, bringing knowledge of the subtle bodies into mainstream discourse.

The ancient traditions of healing and ease, balance and serenity, integration and harmony in all spheres form the basis of authentic health. R&A breaks taboos founded on ignorance due to race amnesia, and presents psychic and physical remedies to all conditions of dis-ease and dis-harmony.

Healing is a process, and best accomplished in a holistic manner. The 21st century is the age of knowing. It is the age of daring beyond the limited boxes and perceptions of reality. R&A stands at this precipice of qualitative transformation, offering the tinctures and potions, bundles and crystals to address the inner and outer coverings of the body.

From the limitless and dimensionless point of consciousness, R&A offers its gifts to all, utilizing the best sympathetic forces in all the elements. \